Curiculum Vitae

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Philippe Amez-Droz

Manager AZconsulting, Public Relations Consultant registered 
with the Swiss Public Relations Society 
Member of the International Public Relations Association, Member of USAP

Born in 1960 in Bienne, Switzerland

Since 2008
Science Assistant at Geneva University – Faculty of Social & Economic Science – Interdisciplinary MA in Communication and Media Science.

Since 2002
Communication interne et externe de la Clinique Générale-Beaulieu, Genève. Mandats multiples pour les milieux associatifs et patronaux.


Consultant working on various national and international mandates for the FEDRE organization in Geneva (
This mandate lasted approximately one year. FEDRE is an organization seeking to link Eastern European countries with Western Europe. It helps organize special events in Geneva and Brussels (with the European parliament). This partnership enabled me to build an excellent public relations network of politicians and governmental officials working for various institutions, particularly with local and regional European authorities.

Independant Consultant, creation of Azconsulting
Setting up my own company gave a new orientation to my career. My activities focused on advising various high-profile clients on a Public Relations strategy (in particular several governments), on training clients in media and communication techniques by setting up special individual programs (BNP Paribas Suisse, Union Bancaire Privée, etc), as well as teaching courses in Public Relations at the Maison de la Communication in Lausanne. I developed an excellent network of free-lance partners and acquired new expertise in management and computer science.


Partner, Trimedia Communications & Relations Publiques SA
Director of Public Affairs, Trimedia International
This appointment coincided with a more international orientation in my career: I was responsible for several international mandates that were initiated through my own personal contacts with key players and government officials of international Geneva. In particular, I was working for the following governments: Tunisia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, with budgets of over several hundred thousand dollars. My principal tasks were to establish investor relations, prepare press kits and organize meetings on the occasion of such events as the Forums of Davos and Crans-Montana. I traveled extensively abroad and developed a strong network of relationships in the Middle East and Central Africa.
Teaching responsibilities with the Swiss Public Relations Society. Courses at Polycom (Maison de la Communication), in Lausanne.

Content of courses: writing and presentation skills, an overview of the media in Switzerland and throughout the world, time management, internal and external communication.
Wrote regular contributions for L’Agefi, a weekly magazine specialized in business and economics based in Lausanne.

Director of Public Relations
Trimedia Communications
Member of the Swiss Public Relations Society
As I was thinking of setting up my own business, several public relations agencies offered me a position. I finally decided to join Trimedia Communications & Public Relations in Geneva as Public Relations Director for the French-speaking part of Switzerland. This position had become available since Mr. Félix Teuber had left to set up his own agency. I supervised 3 to 5 persons with the other directors and departments and their staff (publicity, marketing, graphic arts). Among the key points of this job were: finding new clients, learning new marketing techniques, gaining experience in crisis management. I was responsible for initiating and directing several important mandates with Credit Suisse Private Banking, the Canton of Geneva (Département de l’Intérieur et de l’Environnement), BAT Switzerland (crisis communication, corporate publications, media relations), André & Cie, Castolin + Eutectic SA, etc. Development of a strong network of relationships with other PR professionals. Excellent relations with the Syndicats Patronaux of the Canton of Vaud. Member of the Commitee of the Swiss Public Relations Society (5 years), founding member of the Club Suisse de la Presse in Geneva.

1989 – 1993
Director of Immo-Information,
Information and Public Relations center for the real estate organizations in Geneva
Following various articles I wrote on the subject of facilitating home ownership, employers unions and real estate circles in Geneva hired me to replace Mr. Félix Teuber who had created the Immo-Information service, an independant service within the Fédération des Syndicats Patronaux in Geneva, with a budget of 500,000 Swiss francs a year. For over 5 years, I set up the communications strategy for the real estate organizations of Geneva, I wrote for the publications and supervised the printed material, organized internal communication, oversaw training in communication techniques, developed lobbying and coordination in Switzerland with the Federal authorities. Established an excellent network of contacts with employers’ unions.

1987 – 1989
Editor, head of information about Geneva
Daily newspaper « La Suisse »
This was my first position with major responsibilities. At age 26, I was appointed the youngest head of information in the French speaking part of Switzerland. This nomination reflected the trust of the editorial staff and particularly that of Mr. Michel Baettig who was then assistant chief editor. I supervised a staff of approximately fifteen persons and was responsible for the columns on local politics. I also selected the topics for the columns and was in charge of sales strategy in Geneva with the editorial staff. Established an excellent local network (employers’ unions, City and Cantonal authorities).

1985 – 1987

Foreign Affairs, News Reporter
Daily newspaper « La Suisse »
Hired by Eric Lehmann, who was then chief editor, as a member of the foreign affairs staff, I worked under the supervision of Philippe Roy. I then had the opportunity of developing my writing skills for various types of articles: articles of general interest, comparative analyses, commentaries or editorials and the coverage of major international events. During those two years as a member of the foreign affairs staff, I covered the following stories as a news reporter : I reported on Lebanon, then at war, with the crisis of the French hostages in 1985; I covered the Democratic Primaries in the United States in 1988 and had an interview with Cory Aquino in the Philippines after the fall of Ferdinand Marcos in 1986.

1984 – 1985
Economics Journalist
Daily newspaper « Journal de Genève  »
After training with the Bureau Cortesi, Radio Canal 3 and the Journal du Jura, my appointment as a member of the staff of the Journal de Genève & Gazette de Lausanne was my first permanent position. Under the supervision of Jasmine Audemars, Pascal Garcin and Jean-Luc Lederrey, I became familiar with editing techniques following the éditorial policy of the newspaper and worked particularly on the financial and economics columns.



On-going PhD in Communication and Media Science. Research : Changes in the written press.

2007 July
Master of Arts in Communication and Media Sciences, The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, University of Geneva (Switzerland)..

Fédération Suisse des Journalistes (training certificate)
Licencié ès Sciences Economiques et Sociales
Université de Genève, mention Sciences Politiques
Baccalauréat de l’Ecole Supérieure de Commerce à Neuchâtel, maturité type E
Ecole Supérieure de
Commerce Bienne, diplôme de commerce

Special Skills

Strategy, developing concepts and writing in the field of Public Relations
Crisis management and communication
Public affairs
Training in Public Relations and communication


French, German, German Swiss, English